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Drug Rehab Burbank, CA

Drug Rehab Burbank, CA

In Burbank, CA

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At the Burbank Addiction Treatment Center, you can change for the better. We make intervention tools and information available to you so that you can undertake a program for addiction recovery and begin moving toward discovering your true self. Our mission is to enable you to take the first step toward fulfilling your potential. Our resources, guidance, and experience will help you capitalize on your initial efforts toward recovery.

Detox is one of the most important stages in recovery. If you’re not properly cleaned out, it will be challenging to reach your recovery goals.

Our Burbank therapy staff is available 24/7 to aid. We know moving past the initial barrier can be challenging. If you’re ready for assistance, get in touch now!

Once the detoxification process is complete, it’s crucial to participate in a residential program that offers both individual and group therapy to ensure the continuation of your journey toward recovery.

Why Choose West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center?

1: Our qualified team of professionals supports clients on their journey to recovery.

2: Clients receive assistance throughout the detox process.

3: Located only 27 minutes from Burbank, our facility offers convenient access.

4: Personalized treatment plans address each client’s unique needs.

5: Group and individual therapy sessions are professionally supervised to ensure quality care.

6: A variety of supportive resources and services are available to aid clients in their path to recovery.

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Drug Addiction History Burbank

The city of Burbank, population 105,401, has a long and complex history of drug addiction. This beautiful city in the San Fernando Valley is home to a diverse population facing its share of substance abuse challenges. The city has had a long history of drug addiction embedded into its culture and society for generations. Burbank has seen an increase in heroin and opioid addiction over the last two decades, with many users younger than ever. 

The Drug Addiction History of Burbank dates back to the 1960s when heroin and cocaine abuse began to take hold in the area. The early 1970s saw an increase in drug-related crime and more overdoses reported. In response, law enforcement cracked down on narcotics trafficking, resulting in a drop in usage rates during that decade. Unfortunately, this trend was short-lived: by the late 1980s and early 1990s, crack cocaine use had exploded among Burbank’s residents. This led to an upswing in violent crimes and overdoses due to its highly addictive nature. The West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center (ATC) is offering to help those struggling with drug addiction in the area. With Burbank’s long-standing history of substance abuse and addiction, ATC’s offer to help further improve recovery efforts is welcome. 

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