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Detox Programs West Hollywood CA

What Are Drug Detox Programs For?

The immediate benefit of entering a detox program is that you can go through withdrawal with the support of knowledgeable medical staff. This is much safer than doing so alone, because they can monitor your health and provide you with any medication or other treatment that might be necessary.  At West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center, we make sure that your detox from drugs and alcohol is as safe and comfortable as possible.

After detox, we always recommend time in a residential program. Addiction is almost never an isolated problem. Nearly all people with an addiction history also have at least one other diagnosed mental disorder. That is why your healing has to include your overall wellness in body and mind. Treating addiction is really a simplification- what detox programs do is start you on the path to meeting your mental, social, biological, and potentially spiritual needs with healthy boundaries and coping mechanisms.

Alcohol Detox Program

Alcohol is one of the most challenging substances to detox from.  If not done under medical supervision, it can sometimes cause long term issues and if the problem is severe enough it is one of the only substances that can cause death. Mentally it is a challenge also because of its prominent place in culture. Our drug detox team can guide your recovery and oversee your safety as you detox from alcohol.

Heroin Detox Program

Like alcohol, heroin and other opioids have a dangerous withdrawal and you should only attempt to stop using when you are in a safe environment. The medical staff at our facility is experienced and equipped to protect you, and our therapists and counselors will be there to support you and empower you to take back control.

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Cocaine/Crack Cocaine Detox Program

Cocaine and crack first became popular in the US in the 1980s. The drugs have a unique combination of deadly overdose potential, highly addictive chemistry, and a connection to party culture. Managing a detox from crack or cocaine can be emotionally challenging due to its association with enjoyment and socialization. A specialized therapist in our detox facility can help you form new, healthy habits while detoxing.

Prescription Pill Detox Program

Prescription pills come in many types. For example, painkiller pills are one of the fastest-growing categories of abused drugs in the US, and they often lead directly to heroin. On the other hand, muscle relaxants, sedatives like Valium or Xanax, and other pills also have addictive potential. Prescription medications can have completely different effects, withdrawal symptoms, risks, and treatments, so they need advanced oversight for successful detox. Furthermore, their chemical purity means the concentration of harmful ingredients in each dose is high compared to street drugs.

Opiod Detox Program

The rise of opioids has caused an increase in the use of many other connected substances. Suboxone is one such substance. Its main use is as a chemical treatment for opioid addiction- it is less harmful and can reduce cravings for opioids without the accompanying dangers. However, due to its similarity with an opioid, suboxone itself is addictive. Safely using suboxone and weaning off it is therefore a challenge in itself. A facility like ours can provide you with the assistance and support you need to overcome a dependence on suboxone.

Methamphetamine Detox Program

The methamphetamine category of drugs has a major impact on the brain structure of users. It can distort their dopamine receptors over time. The longer and more intense the meth usage is, the bigger the distortion becomes. The impact of the distortion is a lingering anhedonia, or loss of pleasure in life. It can take time to “reset” the brain’s dopamine receptors, and in the meantime, recovering users can feel depressed or down. The combination of physical and emotional withdrawal makes dealing with meth recovery a matter for both counselors and doctors. Our facility will give you access to the resources that you need to start your recovery journey.

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