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Residential Drug Treatment Programs

A residential treatment program, also known as an inpatient program, involves placing yourself in a supportive and structured environment where you can begin your transition from addiction to recovery. You will spend some time in the program to accomplish goals like attending solo and group therapy, acquiring new life skills, getting connected to beneficial government programs and resources, and learning from peers. The ultimate goal is for you to re-enter your community with the ability to depend on your own resilience and to build healthy relationships so that you can continue to recover while reclaiming your life.

Why is a Residential Detox Program Important?

A residential program is a form of long term treatment that is designed to give you a foundation to build upon in the future as well as a safe place recover from addiction. The staff at West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center are a mix of medical professionals, peer mentors, and mental health professionals. Far too often, addiction is the result of homelessness, abuse, and other forms of extreme stress, and a residential program is a way to block out all those stressors and focus on your own healing. It’s not uncommon for a person to need a residential program more than once in their lives. Remember, whether this is your first time in a program or not, that this is not a reflection on you or a failure on your part. It shows just how powerful the disease of addiction can be.

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What Happens After I Leave the Residential Drug Detox Program?

Addiction is an ongoing disease. That’s why after you leave, we will provide you with references, referrals, and connections to therapists, support groups, and other resources. A residential program is a deeply valuable and rewarding experience, but for a healthy recovery, you should maintain your progress by following up with outpatient treatment. That might be just therapy or meetings, or it may include a medical component depending on your substance and circumstances. Social workers in the program can help you with housing assistance and other supportive steps as well. To simply walk out the door of the facility is to risk walking back into the same stressors and influences that encouraged your substance use in the first place. On the other hand, the right follow-up care can support your recovery journey and give you the tools you need to build the life that you want.

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